Boxes Fernand Martin toys better viewed

You will usually find the boxes entirely in the French-language version with an exception for the manual on the box.
On many of these boxes the manual is mentioned in 2 or 3 languages, in French, English and sometimes Spanish

There is at least 1 box on which the name of the toy is stated in three languages, it is the box of the laundress number 171

Furthermore, it is known from the Petit Colbuteur with number 213 that two different versions of the box have been issued, but both only in French.

There is also a very different box, it is probably a box specially for the Russian market of the Le Traineau Russe from 1892
The text on the box is partly in Russian

Martin has released at least one box in two different languages.
A French version and a English version and that is quite special.
It is the box of the Petit Livreur number 224

And then there is the addition of “bis” on various boxes next to the number.
If you translate the word “bis”, this means “one more time” or “repetition”
Presumably these toys were produced again in a later period, due to the enormous sales success.
The question is now; this was only done by Martin or also by Martin’s successors.
It is also surprising that most labels with the “bis” addition are also a lot smaller and the boxes are made of a cheaper material.

Of course I don’t know all the boxes, so if there are fellow collectors who know other special or different boxes. let me know, preferably with a photo, so that I can research them and use them in a next blog.

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