Firefighter- Le Pompier a L’échelle

In his short period, Flersheim has released many new pieces, from number 227 till 246 so 20 pieces, as far as we know now.

He also released many old Fernand Martin pieces.
What he often did, he takes old Martin toys and produce them again, mostly with the same Martin number, name and parts.
He mostly uses his own Flersheim clockwork. But sometimes he gives them a modern touch.

An good example is the Fireman with ladder Number 197

Dipping and drying of the three-part “Martin” ladder in 1905

1) First released by Martin in 1904 with the number 197.
2) Then Flersheim reproduced the same model from Martin in 1912 with the number 197-bis.
3) But later Flersheim modernized, between 1912 and 1915, the head with a different helmet model
4) Victor Bonnet reproduced the Flersheim fireman.again in 1919

The differences are sometimes small.  

Left model by Martin 1904 Right Martin model released by Flersheim 1912

-left- MARTIN : three-part ladder and a low back of the helmet and a clockwork with Martin key.
-right- FLERSHEIM : three-part ladder and a low back of the helmet and a clockwork with Flersheim key.

Left Flersheim model 1912/13 The right Flersheim model but released by Victor Bonnet 1919

-left- FLERSHEIM : the same three-part ladder but now with a different model head / helmet and a clockwork with Flersheim key.  
-right- VICTOR BONNET : a different three-part ladder with a stand-alone stand and a clockwork with the Victor Bonnet model key. (see detail)

So there are actually 4 different firefighters

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