Found a new box of the Voiture Nounou Poupon from Victor Bonnet

Until now we only knew one box of the Voiture Nounou Poupon number 265 made by Victor Bonnet
But in February 2019 a Voiture Nounou Poupon with a unknown box was sold on Ebay France.

I don’t know the exact date on which the drawing was changed, but maybe it changed in the early 30s

On both boxes you can see the name V.B. & Cie, in 1934 the factory moved to another location and also got a new name VÉBÉ
It is not known how long the VB & Cie factory has made these toys, but it is no longer there on an advertising brochure from the late 1930s.

On this new box you can see a female figure with a typical 1930s dress and she walks in another park.
The toy in the box has remained exactly the same.

On the left the older image and and on the right the more modern image

Thanks to mr Thomas Bear for sharing a photo

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