Personal Postcard from Fernand Martin

A hand written postcard by Martin

Front side postcard

At the end of the 1800s to 1900s, at least one company was active in Paris that collected articles and advertisements from newspapers, nationally and internationally, that were suitable for their customer’s.
The company name was:
Founded in 1889 with Mr. Gallois as owner

A number of people were active in the company who cut articles from newspapers throughout the day.
Martin was also a customer and naturally looking for articles about toys
But with the cut service it could go wrong.
Martin wrote a complaint to that company because he missed articles.

Back site postcard signed with F Martin.

The rough translation is:
An error has crept into the articles that you have sent.
I have number 1401 and 1402 and furthermore the numbers 1416 and 1417.
But I have not received the 13 intervening numbers. (Indeed, there are 13 intermediate numbers and not the correction of “14” later made by the receiver with a blue marker)
So please correct this on the following number that must be given 1408 ?
I am counting on you to do justice to my complaint.
Sincerely F. Martin.

This card has on the front a date stamp from Fernand Martin with the date 25 April 1904

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