Rare Victor Bonnet Camion 261

After Victor Bonnet took over the toy company from Flersheim in 1919, he makes, among other things the “Camion” (no. 261).  This is an open truck from the “Les Auto-Transports” series.
Exactly three years ago in February 2018 we found a different “Camion” (no. 261) on Ebay

The nice thing about this Camion was not only the beautiful condition, but also the print on the hood: “Goulet-Turpin”.  
The Internet teaches us that this is the name of the Goulet-Turpin couple who founded a distribution company under this name in their wedding year 1874.
Now 3 years later, we find in an “Interencheres” auction in France of Maître Philippe CASAL on the 20 April another “Camion” model in a rare color scheme, and also with a different text “Chocolat Casino” on the hood, 


Internet tells us that this is the name of the Casino Group or Casino Guichard-Perrachon, it is a French mass-market retail group and founded on 2 August 1898 by Geoffroy Guichard. In there factories, Casino produced chocolate, oil, roasted coffee, distilled and homemade liquors and baked bread. This Casino Group still excists today.

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