Victor Bonnet: AUTO TRANSPORTS : Le Déverseur.

This truck is the first toy produced by Victor Bonnet in 1921.
He got production number 246. This model number 246 is officially called “Le Déverseur” , the name “Auto Transport” is a collective name for the various transport cars made by Victor Bonnet.

Courtesy of Bertoina Auctions.

The Victor Bonnet Factory started the actual production in 1921
The French patent application (patent number 576.723) for the first Victor Bonnet toy produced (Auto Transports number 246) mentions a date of 12 April 1921.
The patent application in Germany was on April 21, 1921 under patent number 363805.

Part of page 1 from the patent 576.723
Part of page 6 from the patent 576.723

This truck with tilting mechanism,( the body tipping to the side), has been in production for a very long time from 1921 to in the 30s and over the years it has undergone a number of minor changes.
In his production time he was released in various colors, such as at least in the colors Yellow-Brown-Gray-Green-Blue-Dark Gray/Black.
The logo stand on the hood and the logo has also been in various variants

you can see that “Les Auto Transports” was always mentioned

This truck usually also had text in French but also in English
The various texts are:

top left and below courtesy of Bertoina Auctions, top right courtesy of Antico Mondo Auctions.
left and right below Courtesy of Bertoina Auctions. on the top right private collection
In the loading area, he had no texts on the side or back, so only in the loading area

There are also copies without text
The body has also been available in two variants, with an angular body and with a rounder body, the truck with the ruonder body was usually gray in color and had no texts on the body.

left Courtesy of Bertoina Auctions. on the right private collection

So you can see that over the years this truck has had many different varieties.
Many Fernand Martin, George Flersheim and Victor Bonnet toys have sometimes been produced for many many years and have received many small adjustments or other colors over the years.

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