1905 World exhibition Liège Belgium

In 1905 a world exhibition was held in Liège, Belgium.
France was also represented at this exhibition with the French toy industry in section 100.
In this earlier blog :


I presented a original glass stereo photo that was taken at this exhibition and depicts a counter full of Fernand Martin toys.

original glass stereo photo (Courtesy Massilia Toys )
The same photo but now publised in the book

I now found in the book: Exposition Internationale 1905 Liege, Section française Class 100 more information and also a photo showing the back of this counter.

In this photo you also see a large white statue, I have already mentioned the existence of this statue in one of my previous blogs.
This colossal statue was personifying “the Toy Fairy distributing toys”.
In the glass stereo photo from my earlier blog and on the first photo above, you can see a part of this image on the left (white part of the image and black part of a cloth over a foot/table).

Fernand Martin was one of the jury members at this exhibition, the jury members can be seen in a photo from that book, in this photo you can also see Martin himself.
Photos of Fernand Martin himself are quite rare.

Reference book: Exposition international 1905 Liege ; Section française Class 100, this book can be found on the CNUM website

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