Original antique stereo glass plate of a sale booth with Martin toys.

This very rare and original stereo glass plate is in the private possession of Bruno Cirla and Christophe Feraud from Massilia Toys in Marseille
The photo was taken at the World Exhibition in Liège, Belgium in 1905 by Jules Richard.

Jules Richard was a French photographer, businessman and instrument maker. He was the inventor and manufacturer of the Verascope stereographic cameras.

Courtesy Massilia Toys

If you look closely at the photo you can clearly see that on the table are a whole group of Fernand Martin toys.

On the left you see a part of een statue ( in white the base and in black a part of the table ) this colossal statue was a personifying the Toy Fairy distributing toys.

Courtesy Massilia Toys

On the side of: www.worldfairs.info there is an report of this World exhibition in Liège in 1905. you can read that there were toys in the section “BIMBELOTERIE” , in the names you can recognize that they must be Fernand Martin toys.

The French text: …les petits automates: la portière, la boulangère, la marchande d’oranges, le pompier, l’avocat gesticulant au bout de ses grandes et larges manches, le pianiste véhément, le cuisinier et combien d’autres encore.

Translation: …the little automatons: the portress, the baker, the orange seller, the fireman, the lawyer gesticulating at the end of his big and wide sleeves, the vehement pianist, the cook and how many others besides.

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