Victor Bonnet the Les-Auto-transports series: 254 Le Train Tortillard

Here is part 4 of the Victor Bonnet Les Auto Transports series consisting of the :
246 Le Deverseur
248 Tracteur + 250 Le Remorque (sold together)
249 Truck : Le Roulant
254 Le Train Tortillard
261 Camion : Gros Camionnage

Catalog picture
Was also sold in Egypt

This tractor with four trailers has a total length of approximately 69 cm / 27,2 “.
On the accompanying photos you can see the differences between the four trailers.
The first trailer has a different, tin plate attachment than the other cars, which all have a bent iron wire as attachment.

The first trailer with the tinplate attachment.
An empty trailer with a different mounting hook as the first trailer
With a wooden barrel
With an inlay representing coal

The operating options are:
Winding up mechanism… with the key to the right.
Starting… Push forward the Crank which is to the left of the driver.
Stop… Bring the Crank to the rear which is to the left of the driver.
Direction … With the Joystick located at the front of the Hood, choose one of the 3 notches for driving straight ahead or the other two positions for driving in a large or smaller circle.

I found till now the tractor in two colors in red and green, the trailers I found in the colors blue, green, brown/orange, gray and dark-gray.

I have come across it quite often and sometimes even “mint” in the box but what strikes me is that very often the carts are not all the same color, maybe the carts have gotten mixed up over the years or they are just new delivered in the box with different color carts.

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