Martins without number

Martin has often accidentally or deliberately forgotten to include a number in his product numbering.
In his period from 1878 to his first Bonshomme de Ma Portiére in 1895 a number of figures without number are known, see my article for this:

From the Ma Portiére in 1895 to the sale to George Flersheim in 1912, a few figures without numbers are also known.
Starting with two figures featured in the image from the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

Les jouets à la World’s fair en 1904 à Saint-Louis (Smitsonian Labraries-no copyright)

In this image a few are recognizable and the corresponding figures have also been found.

The Bassist, in the picture numbered with (1) Courtesy E.T.
The “Jeu de boulle”? player, numbered in the picture with (2) Courtesy E.T.

Maybe there are still some figures on this St Louis photo, but the photo is so bad that they cannot be recognized immediately, wait until the actual figure(s) is found.

But there are still a few figures that cannot be found in the well-known catalogs and there are no boxes available.

Another image also shows a few figures whose number is currently unknown.

La Nature 1902 pag. 13 Concours de Lépine Paris 1901

These two figures are incorrectly numbered in the existing literature, see why in my blog:

Le télégraphiste-the postman number (1)
Le garçon de café – the waiter number (2)

(both images courtesy Bertoia Auctions)

Martin donated 100 toys to the “Musée Dez Arts Et Métiers” in Paris in 1908, this donation was a good overview of the toys he has produced since the beginning, he also made a list of them.
All the pieces in his donation can be traced back through documentation and old found catalogues.
These four pieces are therefore not only numbered, but are also not included in the donation.
As can be seen above, they are documented.

The Flersheim period

In the Flersheim period from 1912 to 1919 there are still many uncertainties, the photo below shows a Le Petit Livreur with a trunk, on the far right.
This is not mensioned in the numbering known to us.

Foto: Magazin La Dépéche Dec. 30-1912 (the les cochons du pére francois number 226 is the last toy from the Fernand Martin production)
From my own collection

And one of my collector friends has a version of the L’autopatte with the same trunk on it.

Courtesy E.T.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the numbering of the Flersheim period from 1912 to 1919, many figures are known, but the product numbers are often not.
We’ll wait and see and maybe we’ll get this numbering complete one day.

In black the numbers and names known to us, the numbers in red have yet to get their corresponding name, if any of my readers know the correct names of one or more of the missing numbers (with proof like a numbered box) please message me.

List of confirmed numbers :

227: “Chaud les Marrons“
228: “Le Motocycliste Enragé“
229: “Le Petit Patineur“
230: “La Pédalette“
231: “Le Motocycliste“
232: “Soldat Bulgare“
233: “La Casseuse d’Assiettes“
234: “Le Chef d’Orchestre“


237: “Dame de la Croix-Rouge”
238: “Soldat Marocain”

240: “La Guerre Aérienne”
241: “Ma Nounou”



246: “Je Sonne la Paix“

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