Half a Fernand Martin, who knows more

A few years ago I found this piece and I’ve asked before if anyone knows more but so far no response so I’m trying again.

It’s on the bottom plate. clearly marked with the round FM logo and the triangle with number 138.
But otherwise it is in a bad incomplete state.

The feet are also in a strange way under it, it has no visible feet but the mounting is under the base plate.
I then searched which Martin, this was a part of but until now I have not found it.
Sure it is a part of an unknown Martin: perhaps specially made for a client, an exhibition, perhaps a prototype or a product from George Flersheim because there is still a lot of ambiguity about his produced toys.
I estimate it somewhere between 1910-1917, so it could be from Flersheim, because the pants are of the same fabric and colors as the L’autopatte number 218 version Martin.

Is there perhaps someone among the readers of this blog who can help me?

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