Original antique photo of a sale booth with Martin toys.

I found this extremely rare and 100% original photo at a French toy dealer Mr François Binetruy. He has a shop “Brocante L’Orangerie” in France in the place Versaille and a webshop https://www.binetruy.org/ . These kind of photos are very very rare and unique and you don’t see them often.

Maker of this photo is Paul Geniaux (1873-c.1930).

Very rare period silver print representing a traveling salesman of toys behind his stall in front of the many dreaming children. We see many toys of Fernand Martin, and if I look closely I recognize the Martin’s: (Mysterious ball – Cook – Pianist -Street sweeper – Gentleman Khaki) and from Lehmann: (Sailor, Li-La, Chinese) and others: the boxes of the toys are piled under the table. And on the right side next to the big pillar you see a second toy seller with Martin toys, you can easily recognize the Mysterious ball (La Boule Mystérieuse from 1906)

The shooting is around 1906 and located rue de Rivoli at the level of the Protestant temple in front of the Louvre in Paris.

On verso, author’s stamp and handwritten annotations. Format with margins 13.2 x 17.5 cm. Unfortunately the photo has been partly crumpled.

I am not surprised that it has already been sold within a few days.

Photos used with permission from François Binetruy

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