Number 172 and 172 ???

Looking through Martin’s old catalogs I found that Martin numbered two different toys identically.
They are the “Le Pochard” and the “Le Balayeur”
Both got the same number 172, (see the box label and the catalog image) .
In the book by Frédéric Marchand they are also mentioned on pages 58 and 102 with number 172 but in the book by Lourens Bas with numbers 172 and 176.

Box label
Catalog image
catalog image (no box label found till now, when someone has a box label! let me know)

Here an overview of the numbers between 172 and 179
The list of toy numbers from the Le Pochard to the Bamboula that have been confirmed so far by box labels and or catalog images:
Le Pochard 172
Le Balayeur 172
L’Homme de corvée 173
……. 174
Le Gentleman Khaki 175
……. 176
Le Chinois 177
L’Agent de Police 178
Bamboula 179

So there are two numbers that are unknown and there is 1 toy de: Le Vaillant Boer who does not yet have a definitive number and must fit in the previous number series, so number 174 or 176 are available, one of these two is for the Le Vaillant Boer but which toy is the remaining number ????

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