Found a Victor Bonnet account overview/Payment reminder from 1933

After 15 years, in 1933, the lease of the factory at the location 88 boulevard Ménilmontant expired and Bonnet moved the production to another Bonnet factory in the Rue des Tourelles Paris 20 number 8. (This Victor BONNET’s privately held company was, producing household items from the early 1920’s.)
Until the end of the production at the location 88 boulevard Ménilmontant, Victor Bonnet still used the old Fernand Martin logo and on one of his Account overview / Payment reminder’s shows that he also advertised that he had over 200 Patents, additions and deposits in France and abroad, but that includes the patents from Fernand Martin and George Flersheim

This payment reminder is dated December 1, 1933

Payment reminder
Detail of this account overview
This check is dated December 10, 1933, belonging to the above account overview, see the detail on the right with the original signature of Victor Bonnet in blue.

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