Book: Fernand Martin Toymaker in Paris

In my Blog articles, I sometimes refer to the book: Fernand Martin Toymaker in Paris.

As a result of my Blog, I now receive questions by mail from collectors who do not yet know the new book about Martin and ask if it is still for sale.
The book is printed in a limited edition but still for sale.
It is published in two versions, one in English and one in French.
For a clear description including an animation, go to the site:
On this site you will find also an order form.

Released in 2014

In my opinion, every collector, tintoy enthusiast, tintoy dealer, auctioneer and museum must have a copy.
This work is a standard work and certainly new discoveries will come in the future that may reflect the current knowledge

I can personally highly recommend this book.
I was fortunate to be able to participate in this book and I have been able to know both writers / collectors / photographers Lourens Bas and Arthur Verdoorn as fine and enormous lovers of the Martin toys in the broadest sense.
The book is quite substantial and very well executed with clear pictures.
It is subdivided into 4 blocks / periods.
The first period is from 1878 to 1894.
Second period goes from 1895 until the acquisition by George Flersheim in 1912.
The third period is therefore the Flersheim period from 1912 to 1919, after which the last period comes from the new owner Victor Bonnet from 1919 until the move of the factory in 1934 to the Rue des Tourelles in Paris.

The majority of the toys, as was known until the printing of this book, are depicted.
In the meantime, some new discoveries and insights have been found that cannot be found in the book.
But that makes sense, not everything is now known because a lot has been lost, documents have been destroyed or have been forgotten somewhere in the attic or in a forgotten archive, these may one day give new insights and belong to a new edition.
Until that time; this is the best book and given the execution, for a very low price, it is a bargain!

But in this blog I keep everyone informed as best as possible about new discoveries, things worth knowing, discussions etc. so that nobody has to miss anything, it is therefore important to visit my blog regularly, so you stay informed.

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