Le diable en boite -The devil in a box from 1890

Courtesy: Galerie Chartres

Produced from 1890
Product number 117 (In the books known to us, this toy has the Martin product number 33 which is not correct. )
Hand lacquered
Mechanism: Rubber band

Length approx. 14,8 cm/ 5,8 inches
Height approx. 14 cm/ 5,5 inches

original catalog site
original box
Original etching from my collection.
Etchings published in the year 1892 in the French technical year magazine: “LA NATURE” on page 44 and 45

The operation of the mechanism as indicated in the etching above, I have previously written a blog about these four nice etchings, see: https://fernandmartintoys.nl/very-small-etchings-from-1892-with-toys/

Free translation from the article from the magazine: “LA NATURE” page 44 and 45 1892.

The devil in a box mechanism is arranged horizontally, the delicate question with these types of movements is that they must be balanced as precisely as possible so that they can function as regularly as a pendulum.
We see in our drawing the counterweight E used for this balancing, and the oscillating balance D which maneuvers a vertical rod at each of its entrances.
One of these rods F. passing between the man’s legs makes him lean forward to slay the devil as soon as he appears; the other rod serves to alternately open and close the lid of the box to which the devil is connected by a metal plate. As for labor, here is an interesting fact, this toy has a total of 150 different operations.
These operations include cutting, stamping, trimming, bending, stapling and mounting.
As for the cast iron for the counterweight and the broom that moves to defeat the devil (this broom is a counterweight intended to balance the moving bust of the character), which we obtain through the use of molds in which molten metal is poured.
The steps indicated above also require soldering the various parts, decorating and painting, mounting the rubber band, adjusting and packaging.
Finally comes the manufacture of the labels which, although given as an extra, must also have a small example of elegance.

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