My latest rare Martin acquisition from 1889

A few weeks ago I was able to add another rare Martin to my collection.
It is a Martin from the first period and is from the year 1889
Martin started in 1878 so this is a fairly early copy
He later released this model again in 1903 in a modified version and later after 1912 Flersheim also put this model on the market again.
This first 1889 version is the Le Cap with product number 110

So far I know the existence of 5 of these rare versions from 1889

In the book Fernand Martin Toymakers in Paris 1878-1912 by Lourens Bas he is depicted on pages 52 and 53 with the number 25 assigned by the authors, later research shows that the correct number must be 110.
Martin started with product number 100 see my blog :
The aforementioned book contains two photographs from the collection of the Parisian museum: Musée des arts et Métiers.
One of these photos is an exploded version of the second version from 1903 and the photo on page 53 is the old version from 1889.

Soon I will publish an extensive blog about the various Le Cap versions with all their differences.

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