La Petite Marchande D’Oranges number 184

Three different manufacturers and the differences between their models

Original catalog image 1908

In this article I try to provide some clarity about the various versions of these toys.
Fernand Martin started the first toy with the name La Petite Marchande D’Orange in 1901 and product number 184.
The successor’s of Fernand Martin > Georges Flersheim and Victor Bonnet continued the production but made some changes to this toy.
When you have one or you want to buy one and you want to know more then see this overview with the differences.


Characteristics of the Fernand Martin versions.

  • name: La Petite Marchande D’Oranges.
  • product number 184.
  • first production year 1901
  • key model Fernand Martin.
  • place key: above the right wheel.
  • mechanism placed vertically until “in” the cart.
  • cart equipped with oranges.
  • two price tags on top of the oranges.
  • the lady has a bustle under the skirt.
  • hairstyle model.

Characteristics of the Georges Flersheim versions.

  • Georges Flersheim used two different names
  • name for the model with oranges: La Petite Marchande D’Oranges
  • name for the model without oranges: La Petite Marchande.
  • product number 184.
  • first production year 1912
  • key model Georges Flersheim and a few with model Fernand Martin (probably in the first year)
  • place off the key: left of the right wheel.
  • the mechanism is placed horizontally under the cart.
  • hairstyle in two models.
  • the lady has no bustle under the skirt only in the first year, after which the “bustle” disappears.
  • the oranges are also stacked less high than the first model of Fernand Martin and lack the two price tags.
  • the cart up in different models: All models are without a bent edge on top of the card.
    • —Model equipped with oranges has sometimes a green border around the oranges.
    • —Model without oranges.
    • —Model (very rare) with oranges as a candy container.
Model with the candy container
Model with the green border

Characteristics of Victor Bonnet versions.

  • Victor Bonnet used two names like George Flersheim and two different product numbers.
  • product number: in the catalog of Victor Bonnet from around 1928 this toy is mentioned with two different product numbers; La Petite Marchande D’Orange with number 184 and La Petite Marchande with number 185, this is probably a print mistake in the catalogue, the number 185 on boxes are never found. (Note: that number 185 was used in 1901 for the Le Vieux Marcheur.)
  • first production year 1919
  • key model Victor Bonnet
  • place key: left of the right wheel.
  • mechanism placed horizontally under the cart.
  • all models are without a bent edge on top of the card.
  • models with and without oranges.
  • model with the oranges are they equal the model George Flersheim
  • the lady has no bustle under the skirt
  • hairstyle model.

Various additional images to clarify the text :

Different keys (Type 3 is round wire and type 5 is square wire)
Model Fernand Martin type 1 key
Model Georges Flersheim type 5 key
Model Victor Bonnet type 6 key
Model Fernand Martin with and without clothes, on the left you see clearly the bustle.
From the magazine : Femina 1902

Picture courtesy:

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