Fernand Martin toy on a newspaper of 1889

Toy week, The aspect of grand boulevards of Paris
( Newspaper from my own collection )

On the front of a very old French newspaper I found an image of a street vendor, selling the Pousse Pousse Annamite by Fernand Martin.

This original old newspaper is dated from December 22, 1889
The World Exhibition of 1889 took place in Paris from May 6 to October 31, 1889.

Courtesy Bertoia Auctions

Fernand Martin released this Pousse Pousse Annamite during the world exhibition and this toy was sold by street vendors on the corner of the streets or in one of the many sales stalls on the grand boulevards of Paris.
On the front page of this newspaper you can see the typical busy Parisian street life where various street vendors and also sales stalls try to sell their wares/toys to tourists and parents just before Christmas.

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