Fernand Martin – le Traîneau Russe 1892

This sled with horse is a special and very wanted toy.
It is a Fernand Martin from the first period number 40 and made from 1892
It is probably made especially for the Russian market because the currently known boxes and the image in an original old catalog are provided with a Russian text.

photo courtesy of Michael Bertoia Autions

The same sled was used 17 years later in 1909 number 217 by Martin for the “Conquete du pole Nord” Discovery of the North Pole.
This toy was made by Martin in honor of the conquest of the North Pole by US Navy engineer Robert Peary, who claimed to have reached the Pole on April 6, 1909.
Martin takes another figure on the sled of the “le Traîneau Russe” and instead of the horse he used four dogs and added a pole.
The sled is connected to the pole by means of a string and, after winding, drive around the pole

Number 217 – la conquête du pole nord 1909
Picture from the magazine la Nature 1892 pag.89

In the first drawing you see the parts that are needed to make the sled, there are 44 pictured but I have to mention that in total only 33 parts are needed because the drawing contains various parts in the unprocessed and processed state.
As an example, part number 3 is the same as part 5, number 11 is the same as number 13 and there are a few more examples.
The only part that is not show is the reins.

Picture from the magazine la Nature 1892 pag.89

On the second drawing you see the compleet toy and a section of the mechanism.

The etchings are from Louis Poyet, read my previous blog from 31 mei 2019 about this fantastic etcher.

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