Two Fernand Martin variants of the Pousse-Pousse Annamite

From the Pousse-Pousse Annamite from 1889 number 28, we only knew one model in various colors so far.
The model we now has a flywheel drive in 1889

Model we now with flywheel drive

But I have now found one with a clockwork and with a Martin type key.
Martin donated a toy collection in 1908 to the Musée des arts and Métiers in Paris and to his best friend Henri d’Allemagne.
A third collection was for Fernand Martin himself.

For additional information about the collection at the Musée des arts et Métiers in Paris, see the description on page 74 of the book “Fernand Martin Toymaker in Paris”

As it turns out, the Pousse-Pousse Annamite that is found in the museum’s collection also has a clockwork.

Flywheel <……………………………………………………………….>. Clockwork

I suspect that a part of Martin’s donation in 1908 was newly made in 1908 because not all pieces were no longer available.
So very small series were made of some of the pieces intended for the donation, at least 3 pieces per missing piece, but how many copies still exist today?
And of course these “new” pieces can deviate from the original.
There are more items in the museum’s collection that deviate from the ones we know, especially the clothing and colors of some items.
The previously used fabrics for clothing were probably no longer in stock or no longer available.

When you want to visit the site of the Musée des arts et Métiers in Paris, then go to:
and you can see the pictures of the Martin toys collection.

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