Three different boxes for the Fernand Martin: Le Petit Culbuteur

Until now we know the boxes of many Fernand Martin toys.
The first box label of a toy was designed just before the first production of these toys.
Once on the market, the most toys remained the same box for many years and even decades.
But from the Le Petit Livreur, ( a tumbling clown) produced from 1908 with Fernand Martin number 213, there are, till now, three box labels known.

Le petit culbuteur with a original box and original key

In the bottom box is one of the narrow upright side holes in which, the key was attached with a red ribbon that goes through the hole in the box.
This ribbon has long disappeared in most cases, I have only seen it in about five copies myself.

Two boxes contain a label and one box only a stamp.
It is not known when which label was issued.

Something about boxes in general :

Boxes generally tell a lot about a toy and are therefore very interesting.
The manufacturer’s name.
The factory logo.
The product number.
The manual.
Country of origin.
Sometimes also patent applications and sometimes even the patent numbers.
Martin often put there gross and net weights.
And he told everyone which (international) prizes he has achieved and where he was a member or president of the jury.

It even happens that a loose box at auction will yield more than the toy, of course because these are much rarer.
Children threw the box away and a box is also much more fragile and broke and thrown away.

Courtesy Calerie De Chartres
These empty boxes of Martin toys were auctioned in 2018 in France at Ivoire Chartres

Auction results in 2018, this are hammerprices in Euro,s so without any auction fees
Les Valseurs (no. 219) € 560,00
Le Diable en Boite ( no. 33) € 820,00
Le Chinois (no. 177) € 1750,00
Le Courageux Scieurs de long ( no. 18) € 1000,00
La Charette Anglaise (no. 39) € 710,00
L’Ours Martin (no. 193) € 330,00
Course de Taureau ( no. 47) € 870,00
Le Gai Violoniste (no. 160) + Le Faucheur ( no. 170) € 800,00
L’Homme Toupie (no. 252) + La Madelon (no. 260) € 760,00
L’entraineur Skiff ( no. 259) € 700,00

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