Le Bateau godilleur 1878

This is one of the rarest Martin toys

This one is missing its rudder

Date of first production 1878
Length 26.5cm / 10.43 Inc
Drive: rubber band

Part of the rubber band patent 128,445 drawing

Presumably the second toy that Martin has put on the market.
No factory number is known. (a guess: it could be number 101)
The drive is by means of the rubber band mechanism known at Fernand Martin

I found in this French book the patent number of this toy
The patent was published under number 128,445 on Januari 14 -1879 and original for his first toy : the fish
The third addition to his original patent 128,445 was mentioned for a swing toy, any jumping insect and for a boat, this third addition was dated June 24 -1880.

Source Gallica : Les jouets d’enfants 3e edition 1889

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