BERTOIA SIGNATURE SALE Friday & Saturday | March 5-6, 2021

Considered one of the greatest toy and bank collections in existence, this collection is the epitome of good taste and quality. From near mint mechanical banks to cast iron toys, American tin to European toys, aficionados of fine pieces will find the Schroeder collection to be the perfect combination of elegance and condition. Bertoia Auctions is honored to handle this legendary sale and welcome all collectors to participate in making history this Spring!

And this time with many Martins up for auction, some of which are extremely rare! watch the catalog with this link:

The Martins in this auction are listed below including the “Martin” number.

425 L’éminent avocat – Martin number 202
426 L’ intrépide jockey – Martin number 225
427 La conquête du pôle nord – Martin number 217
428 Les valseurs – Martin number 15
429 Le petit cuisinier – Martin number 198
430 L’entravée – Martin number 220
431 Au parfait pêcheur – Martin number 209
432 Attelage flamand – Martin number 45
433 Les joyeux danseurs – Martin number 23
434 Le sonneur endiablé – Martin number 14
435 Les courageux scieurs de long – Martin number 18
436 Les sauteur intrepide – Martin number 148
437 Pompier l’échelle (Victor Bonnet) – Martin number 197
461 Le treuil – Martin number 149
462 La blanchisseuse – Martin number 171
463 Le petit Livreur – Martin number 224
464 L’autopatte – Martin number 218
465 The policeman – Martin number 180
466 L’artiste capillaire – Martin number 196
467 La boule mystérieuse – Martin number 204
468 Le gai violoniste – Martin number 160
469 Le livreur – Martin number 22

The Bertoia team is dedicated to offering our quality customer service, experience and support.
Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with registration, bidding or any other questions.

For the complete overview, Auction terms & Info, Shipping & Payment look at this site:

After the auction, I will publish the realized prices for these Martins.

Regarding the objects described in this article, I do not make a statement about condition or value.
I advise interested collectors always do to research yourself, to view the object or to contact the seller / auction

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