Part 4: Martin toys used in art.

Piet Gutter born in 1944 is a Dutch artist who has been fascinated by the realistic painting style for many years.
In his works he pays a lot of attention to the composition of the figures and objects he paints.
He uses many different objects including antique toys, letters, leaflets, cans with advertising, fruits, vegetables on them and many more objects and all wrapped up in a fantastic composition.
He also pays a lot of attention to details, the atmosphere, the colors used and the backgrounds used so that it becomes a fascinating composition.

When you see his still lifes you are fascinated because it evokes emotions and you unintentionally fall in love with his works, but see for yourself.
Piet Gutter is a versatile painter, many of his works can be admired on the internet and you can also see that he can compose unique works using various utensils.

Piet Gutter’s paintings are in various collections and with private and foreign private individuals.

Some of the Piet Gutter works are based on antique toys from the collection of Arthur Verdoorn (1935 – 2017).
Arthur was an avid collector and also co-writer / photographer of the book: Fernand Martin Toymaker in Paris.
His toy collection can be seen in the toy museum in Soltau in Germany.
Here I present a number of Piet Gutter works of art, especially the paintings where the toys of Fernand Martin and Victor Bonnet are depicted “lifelike”.

Piet Gutter did not only portray Martin or Victor Bonnet toys.
He has made many more paintings with antique toys as objects.
Paintings with toys of the well-known toy maker names such as Lehmann, Bing, Günthermann, Märklin, Schuco, Vielmetter and many more.

Martin toys have often been the subject of painters of art.
Below are the links to my three previous articles about Martin toys used in art:

All images courtesy of Piet Gutter

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