Change of Martin numbers for some toys.

In the Martin books known to us, a few figures are included with, as it turns out, the wrong number.
Here are the adjustments, after these adjustments, there are still a few toys without a number.

This blog is made with help of Bruno Cirla and Christophe Feraud from Massilia Toys in Marseille, my big thanks for this


Number 174 and 176
The numbers 174 and 176 have probably been swapped because evidence has been found that the Le Balayeur has number 174:
174 old number Le Vaillant Boer must be new Le Balayeur
176 old number Le Balayeur must be new Le Vailant Boer

Courtesy Massilia toys

In the Martin literature and books number 180 is given to The Policemen but it turns out number 180 is for the toy: “Present arms” God save the king.

number 180 “Present arms”, God save the King is an sentinel (probably only for the English market including the, in that time, colony of Canada, on the catalog picture there is extra text that has a link to Londen, see below on the picture the text: C&E LONDON

Present arms God save the King. Courtesy Bertoia auctions
Courtesy Massilia toys
Box label

We see that number 180 was been given to The Policemen, (Bobby) made for the Englisch market, but The Policemen must have number 181.

Courtesy Massilia toys

But in the Martin literature and the books number 181 has been given to the Garçon de cafè, what number the Garçon de cafè should now have is not yet clear.

In the Martin books number 182 is given to the postman: Le télégraphiste but it turns out that number 182 is for The Sentinel, what number the postman will get is not yet known.

The Englisch: The Sentinel 182 Courtesy Spielmuseum Soltau Germany
Courtesy Massilia toys

number 182 The Sentinel (probably only for the English market including the, in that time, colony of Canada) see the picture of the figure with the bear hat below.

number 183 La Sentinelle (a series of presumably 3 soldier figures: French – Russian – and Italian) These 3 Sentinelles are mentioned in Martin’s gift to the Musée des arts et métiers Paris in 1908.

Courtesy Massilia toys
Courtesy Spiel Museum Soltau Germany


Changes in the book: FERNAND MARTIN toymaker in Paris 1878-1912

174 Le Balayeur.
176 Le Vaillant Boer.
180 “Present arms” God save the king.
181 The Policemen (Englisch market)
The waiter: Le Garçon de cafe NO NUMBER UNTIL NOW.
182 The Sentinel (Englisch market)
The Postman: Le télégraphiste NO NUMBER UNTIL NOW.
183 La Sentinelle 3 soldiers French- Russian and Italian

My question to the readers:

Now I am looking for other missing numbers
If there is someone who can give me one or more of these missing or the correct numbers, I would be very happy, and if you can help me, mail me: .
It’s about:
The right number for the Soldat French – English – Belgian – Russian – Portuguese, These numbers are available: 235-236-239-242-243-244-245

Courtesy Bertoia auctions

The postman: Le télégraphiste, WHAT IS HIS NUMBER??

Courtesy Bertoia auctions

The waiter, Le Garçon de cafè, WHAT IS HIS NUMBER??

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