Fernand Martin and music for piano !

Adolphe Baroncelli known under the name of Adolphe Gauwin, born April 23, 1865 in the 16th arrondissement of Paris city where he died March 2, 1934 at his home in the 10th arrondissement, was a French composer.
His merits: more then 800 works
Sources: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Most of his compositions are under the name AD Gauwin. This composer has also released a few piano compositions in 1903, based on Fernand Martin’s toys as an example. At that time you could buy the compositions separately or as a bundle.

As you can see on the list, numbers 3 to 8 are names of well known Martin toys.
Numbers 1 and 2 are still questionable.
Could number 1 be the “Le Sonneur Endiablé “?
Could number 2 be the “Ma Portière”?
You should be able to watch the entire series to be sure, but they are very difficult to find, maybe one of the readers has the whole series ?? let me know.

But from this one, the number 8 on the chart above, it’s pretty clear.
And of this number 5 it is also very clear

Can anyone help me with more pictures from this piano music series? mail me cor@vanschaijk.com

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