Is this toy a Fernand Martin toy ??

A small inventor/toymaker Foucault, presented a toy at Le Concours LEPINE in 1901 a toy called “Mr. Chopinard”.

Photo of the very poor interior of the house of Henri Foucault
Picture from the magazin: lectures Modernes 1902. (magazine is from my own collection)

As you can see is this toy the adaptation of Fernand Martin’s “Le Pochard” mounted on a barrel.
Which shows that the recycling of existing toys was easily doable even by outsiders of the company…
If one would find now an model of this Chopinard toy, would it be called a Foucault or a Martin toy?
Most certainly Martin…

Source: (Cnum – Digital Conservatory of Arts and Crafts –

Le Pochard on a wine barrel, the picture above is part of a larger image with more toys and technical attributes and found in an old French magazine La Nature from 1902 page 13 with the name: Monsieur Chopinard (a comic French gentleman who appears in a chanson from that time.) This article was about the Concours de Jouets 1901.

Martin probably sold parts and also (almost) complete models to small toy makers / inventors who then made “new” models and produced it in small numbers or offered the production rights for sale at the Lepine competition to the major manufacturers because they themselves had no or little production capacity and no money to produce these toys on a large scale, these were hard times for the little toy makers / inventors.

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  1. Can’t your proposition “If one would find now an instantiation of this Chopinard toy, would it be called a Foucault or a Martin toy? Most certainly Martin…” be seen as an invitation to invent new Martin toys by creatively altering the original functionality of genuine Martin toys? As a matter of fact, Martin created “Le Pochard” to stagger on its feet, while Foucault added the functionality of the drunkard rolling on a barrel… Didn’t Foucault invent this toy’s new functionality and name?

  2. Hi Francois.
    I have slightly modified the sentence and it is meant as follows: If someone who knows the Martin drunkard but then finds this model would he call it, at that moment, a Martin or a Foucault?

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