237 Dame de la Crois Rouge – The Red Cross Nurse

Courtesy Spielzeugmuseum in Soltau Germany

name: Dame de la crois rouge (the red cross nurce)
production number 237
production from: 1913
hoogte 20 cm / 7,87 inch
manufacturer: Georges Flersheim (successor of Fernand Martin)

Courtesy Spielzeugmuseum in Soltau Germany

I have personally seen a total of 6 pieces at auctions and in museums.
What is striking is that the face/head is not always the same, there are versions with a raised edge at her height and without this raised edge, whether both are original or one of these is not original? I don’t know.

Courtesy Spielzeugmuseum in Soltau Germany, Gallery Chartres and Bertoia Auctions

This Red Cross sister goes for a walk after the clockwork has been wound.
The walking mechanism is the same as that of the “Le Vieux Marcheur” (the walking gentleman) with number 185 from 1901 with patent number FR 298509.

The Red Cross name and logo was a registered trademark and could not simply be used on products.
It is not known whether Flersheim had permission.

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