Le Trapèze – the trapeze artist from 1885

Produced from 1885
Product number unknown (In the books known to us, this toy has the Martin product number 13 which is not correct, this trapeze artist has probably not been given a product number.)
Hand lacquered
Mechanism: Rubber band

Length approx. 14 cm / 5.5 inches
Height approx. 17.8 cm / 7 inches

Courtesy : Bertoia auctions

By winding the rubber band, the movement is converted into a pendulum movement that allows the gymnast to do his tricks.

This is a quite rare toy from Fernand Martin.
The column and roof were also used for: Le sonneur endiablé in 1885 number 102, but also much later by the presumed successors/descendants of Georges Flersheim in the toy: Je sonne la paix in 1916 number 246.
The figure of the gynast has also been used more often in other Martin toys.

(number 246)
From my collection
(number 102)
Courtesy : Bertoia auctions

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