Missing Pictures Part 1

For the collectors who own the book “Fernand Martin toymaker in Paris 1878-1912” I have a number of additions here.
These are the photos that were not known at the time of writing the book.

Page 45: Martin number 16
Le Jeu de Massacre from 1885

Cortesy Renaud Fournier

Page 121: Martin number 183
La Sentinelle Royal Guard from 1901

Photo with thanks to the Toy Museum Soltau (“Spielmuseum Soltau”) in Germany

On page 151: Martin number 206
Jeu de Pêche a la Grenouille Sauteuse from 1906

Auction House: Osenat Fontainebleau

See my preview blog : https://fernandmartintoys.nl/is-this-a-new-fernand-martin-toy/

After page 221: Martin number 266
Le Costaud from 1932

And I know there are more unknown MARTINS.
Now we just have to wait for photos and data.

Continued in Part 2

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