Victor Bonnet the Les-Auto-transports series: 261 Camion: Gros Camionnage

After Victor Bonnet took over the toy company from Flersheim in 1919, he makes, among other toys this “Camion” (no. 261), it is the last truck from the series Les-Auto-Transports.

This series consists of the following vehicles:
246 Le Déverseur
248 Tracteur + 250 Le Remorque (sold together)
249 Camion : Le Roulant
254 Le Train Tortillard
261 Camion : Gros Camionnage
A separate blog has been made about these vehicles for each issue

This is the last article in this series.

It is an open truck with a fabric tarpaulin and the length is about 25 cm (10 Inches)

A text was printed on both sides of the fabric tarpaulin, the text is original: “Gros Camionnage” that you can find on the box, there are models with another name but more about these (different) names on the sides of the fabric tarpaulin in another blog. (See link below)

I have come across this truck in the colors BLEU, RED and YELLOW, the hood in the colors GREEN, BLEU, BROWN and GREY

Catalog Picture

This truck was a modified version of truck number 249 with the same name Camion, (see one of my previous blogs).

In the base it is the truck “Les Auto Transport” with number 249.
The differences between number 249 and 261 are:
-The “brand” stamp on the bottom of the cargo area of the 249 has disappeared.
-The 261 get a fabric tarpaulin with the name “Gros Camionnage” on it.
-It gets a new product number 261.

Box Label, here you see the truck 249 on the right site.
This picture is found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the public domain

Versions of this truck are known with various advertising texts, I have described the advertising texts on the side about this truck in another blog, see this link:

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