A small celebration

Exactly 1 year ago I started this blog.
In the course of this year I have written about 80 articles.
The number of readers watched has also increased considerably, from about 30 a month to currently an average of over 120 a month.
The number of hits on articles has also increased, there are days with only 3 hits but also days with more than 40 hits, the total number of hits is currently more than 2200 and that is an average of 29,5 hits per article.
Also, from the number of positive responses, many readers are satisfied with this blog.
So for me again the challenge to work hard on new articles.

I thank everyone for the good words and especially the auctioneers, traders, museums, private collectors, etc. who have given permission to use images in this blog.

And if you have any questions or material that I can process please send it to me and I will make sure that I find it right and if it is interesting for the readers, I will put it in a blog.
Thanks again everyone.

(All photos in this article are of my dear and early deceased friend Arthur Verdoorn.)

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