Le Treuil a marble game from 1895

My newest acquisition, the smallest one of the three Le Treuil games versions with the Fernand Martin product number 149

Image from the original catalog from 1898

A marble game that was manufactured in three different versions and heights.
The smallest has a height of about 40 cm = 15,75 inch
The center star has a height of about 65 cm = 25,59 inch
And the largest and rarest a height of about 1.05 cm = 41,43 inch

During the marble’s journey down, the man turns the handle and it seems that he lets the marble go down itself, but gravity does its job here

The versions are also different but the principle remains the same
At the top you have to add marbles, and when you add the marble there is a a saucer on which the first marble falls and due to the weight of the marble, the gravity does its work and the saucer with the marble goes down.
At the bottom, the saucer hits a pin, causing the marble to fall out of the saucer and end up in a bowl.
There are curves in the bowl that the marble rolls in, these curves are numbered or collored.
There are no clear rules of this game, so children could let their imaginations run wild and determine the rules themselves.

saucer in the top position
saucer in the lowest position on top of the pin
The smallest with 1 person and a fixed numbered tray
The middle one with 1 person and a separate tray with colors and numbers
The longest version is almost the same as the middle version, but has two people and a separate tray with colors.
Patent number 248045, a drawing with the largest version shown.

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