Auction Team Breker March 25-2023

Important Specialty Auctions of Technical Antiques offer a wide range of important collector’s items of high museum quality: Science & Technology, Office-Antiques, Telephones, Mechanical Music, Steam Engines, Photographica & Film and toys.

In this auction there are two Fernand Martin toys, lot 0498 and 0499, but there are even more wonderful toys in this auction

Ferdinand Martin Dancing Couple “Les Valseurs”, 1910 onwards
No. 219, France, hand-painted faces, metal body, fabric clothing, hand-turned, the couple moving in a circle as though dancing a waltz, slight paint chips and fabric wear, working, embossed with “FM” logo under lady’s skirt, height 7 ½ in.
Ferdinand Martin Violinist “Le Gai Violoniste”, 1897 onwards
No. 160, France, hand-painted face, metal body, fabric clothing, key-wound, the violinist spinning drunkenly in circles while playing his violin, slight paint chips and fabric wear, working, embossed with “FM” logo on the hat, height 7 4/5 in.

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After the auction, I will publish the realized price for this toy.

Regarding the objects described in this article, I do not make a statement about authenticity, condition or value.
I advise interested collectors always do to research yourself, to view the object or to contact the seller / auction

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