L’Oie – The goose

first production date : 1899
production number: 169
height: 20 cm / 7,87 inch produced by Fernand Martin

Picture from the 1908 catalog

After winding up, this goose walks forward step by step, in a very natural way, moving its neck from left to right in the tempo of its walk.

This goose was found with several different Martin keys and is marked on the bottom right with the round FM logo

Source: Cnum – Digital Conservatory of Arts and Crafts – http://cnum.cnam.fr newspaper: La Nature 1900

The accompanying text to this figure is:
Finally we find a goose gently shaking its neck, swinging from side to side, following the favorite movement of these birds, advancing little by little: “with majestic slowness”.
These small automatons are manufactured by Mr. Fernand Martin manufacturer of iron automatic and mechanical toys 88 Boulevard Menilmontant in Paris

In an earlier article I also wrote about this goose, it was then that the image of this goose was used on an edition of a piece of music composed by AD. Gauwin.

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