Martins in the Miller & Miller toy auction June 9, 2023

Auction Description

Unlocked from old collections, this is a generous offering of early to middle 20th Century toys manufactured from the 1920s to the 1950s. The lineup includes early tin windups from Germany and France, tin windup character toys from America, and a line-up of rare Canadian tin, pressed steel and cast iron toys. There is also a small offering of Japanese friction and battery-operated toys. Makers in this sale include Lehmann, Hess, Bing, Doll, Fernand Martin, Carette, Meccano, Bandai, Yonezawa, Schuco, Lincoln, Marx, and others. This sale affords collectors the opportunity to own clean and rare examples of antique and vintage toys from old collections. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

photographs: Jon Dunford

After the auction, I will publish the realized prices for these two Martins.


Regarding the objects described in this article, I do not make a statement about condition or value.
I advise interested collectors always do to research yourself, to view the object or to contact the seller / auction

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