Drawing from 1901 with Fernand Martin and his toys.

During my search for Martin articles I found this drawing in the French magazine: LE MONDE ILLUSTRÉ Dec 7 -1901. This image shows Fernand Martin with his toys on display. This stand was the first edition of the famous Concours Lepine in Paris in 1901.

The drawing also clearly shows the toys and also shows the name “MARTIN”, on this drawing you can see: Madame Loubet, (the wife of the then President of France) looks at the inventor Mr Martin with the “LE POCHARD” (the drunk man) toy in his hand, at her side M Lepine the organizer of this exhibition / competition in 1901

The Concours Lépine is a French invention competition created in 1901 by Louis Lépine, then police prefect of Paris.
Initiated by Prefect Lépine, the event was called the “Paris Toys and Articles Exhibition” from September 30, 1901, and gave rise to a competition from November 24 to the following December 8, before a jury. This competition became annual and was renamed in 1902 “Lépine competition” and still exists today.

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