Very rare find a missing Flersheim ??

A Martin, unknown to me, has been auctioned at a French toy auction at 22-05-2021 of SEQUANA SAS in Rouen.
This one was part of a bigger lot.
It wasn’t mentioned in the description so I don’t think the auctioneer and original owner knew that it could be a Martin.
I can’t place him in the range of well-known toys from Martin or one of his successors at the moment of the auction.

Seen on the right. Picture of the auction SEQUANA SAS
Sold at a auction for €3500 without any auction fees
His face

Recognizable is the face, it looks strong like a Martin, a typical Martin type Key, it has the movement and feet from a few Martin and Flersheim figures. Martin used this type of movement/feet from 1901, the first one was a toy with number 185 the “Le vieux marcheur” this type of feet and movement where used for several figures till in the Flersheim period.

look at his feet

I started comparing him with the well known Martin and Flersheim men and came to the conclusion that it must almost certainly be a Flersheim figure, which one?? I don’t know, maybe this is the missing L’Ambulant
The Flersheim numbering is still incomplete and there are many ambiguities in the various books.
If we can find a corresponding box with number and name then another piece of the puzzle has been found.

Comparing the various faces of Flersheim men.

If anyone has more information, please email me at

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