Le Petit Culbuteur – The Acrobat – from 1908 – number 213

Produced from 1908
Product number 213
Hand lacquered
Mechanism: clockwork
Height approx. 19 cm / 7,5 inches

Clown with the box and the original key

There are currently 4 different box labels known for this toy, I will post about this in another blog.

A free translation from a article in the “La Nature” from 1909

The most curious of all is undoubtedly the clown of figures, two arms and two legs, articulated to a body in which the whole mechanism is located: and this one is simple; a spring that activates a series of gears, ending in 4 pinions attached to each of the members.
Wind up the spring and you will see the clown perform the funniest turns and pirouettes, depending on the reactions he gets on the ground.
This game could be the source of some very nice mechanical issues.
The left figure gives us some examples of mechanical clown dexterity.

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