Victor Bonnet the Les-Auto-transports series: 248 Tracteur and 250 Le Remorque

These two Victor Bonnet creations of a tractor and a trailer, were sold together in one box, I have not found any proof anywhere that they were sold separately.

Box label
Catalog picture
the total length of approximately 36 cm / 14,2 “.

I have come across the tractor in two colors so far, in green and in red, (green and red in various color gradations from dark to light, but presumably the influence of sunlight has also had an influence on the color), I am the trailer only encountered in a brown/yellow color with a green fabric tarpaulin.

© Archives privées Renault (with permission of Laurent Dingli )

What has been noticed is that there are two versions of the tractor, with and without a roof.
Presumably it was marketed in two versions with and without a roof, which is apparent from the fact that the tractor can be found with and without mounting holes for the roof, (see the photos).

with mounting holes for the roof
without mounting holes for the roof
Two differend trailers the left one is the most common, the right one is quite rare

Look at the two different trailers, sometimes the trailer has a bronze plate on the back with the text: Charge maximum 5000Kos and the back and front of the trailer has different plating, version with a 6 and with a 4 rectangular layout

The bottom with the winding motor and the start stop mechanism

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