Newly discovered original catalog by Fernand Martin

This article is published in the June 2020 issue of the ATW Antique Toy World magazine.

We know from the famous Fernand Martin book by Lourens Bas and Arthur Verdoorn: Fernand Martin Toymaker in Paris 1878-1912. that two rare original catalogs are known.

Released in 2014

Many images of these two catalogs have been incorporated into this book.
These two catalogs were discovered in 2012 and date from 1898. and 1911.

Left the 1898 catalog and on the Right the 1911 catalog

Furthermore, an old poster from 1902 ( I suspect that this poster is from 1902 because the last picture on this poster is the Pianist and he was produced from 1902) also surfaced a few years ago.
See the blog of Lourens Bas:
As far as I know this poster is currently in a collection in France.

Now a third newly discovered catalog is added.


This rare new catalog is from 1908.
It consists of 82 pages with 42 images of the pictures of Fernand Martin toys from to 1895 with de Ma Portiere number 147 till 1908 with the Petit Colbuteur number 213 .
All images used are very similar to the labels used at the time, but often differ slightly in details.
On the last 4 “empty” pages, 3 extra full size original labels have been pasted manually, on a sheet, the label of the Le Boucher number 210 has disappeared.

The last page from the 1908 catalog with two extra original labels

I think these “empty” pages were added during printing so that the new Martins toys that were designed and released during printing could be added manually so that the catalog was a good “Up To Date” for a long time.
The format is almost the same as the two well-known catalogs.
The dimensions are approximate 18 x 12,5 cm ( 7,5″x 5″) .
These catalogs are all natural in black and white.
This catalog is, for his age, in exceptionally good condition.

Maybe there are more catalogs among collectors, but I only know these three and the poster so far.

Another catalog is also known from the Victor Bonnet period.
A reprint of this catalog was made in 1973 for the spring meeting of the : Antique Toy Collecters of America.
I think the original catalog dates from the late 20s.

Folders, poster, publications, advertisements, labels and catalogs are very important to properly identify the toy and also to complete the large Fernand Martin “puzzle”.
Do you have something? Please share it with me and fellow collectors.

All images used are from my own collection.

Cor van Schaijk.

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