Boxes from the Fernand Martin Le Pochard with a additional sticker ?

In the year 1900 the 13th universal World Exhibition was in Paris.
Fernand Martin participated in this exhibition and was also a jury member of the “Hors Concours Médaille D’or ” as can be read on the box and on the catalog picture of the Bamboula no 179.

This World exhibition lasted from April 15 to November 12, 1900.

During this exhibition many products were sold to the public by business exhibitors, but street vendors in the streets of Paris also sold more than normal during that period.

I have found three boxes of the Le Pochard number 172 produced from the year 1899 with a additional reference to this exhibition.

This “Le Pochard” is familiar to all Martin collectors and it has also been produced for a long time and is one of the most renowned Martin’s .

This additional reference is a loose sticker that is stuck on the boxes
The sticker on the first box is difficult to read but the other two boxes are much clearer to read.
The sticker on box three is not on the front but on the top of the box

Exposition Universelle 1900 F.M.

We can assume that these pieces were sold during this world exhibition in 1900, but it is also possible that the stickers were placed as advertisements well before the world exhibition to draw attention to this exhibition.
These boxes with toys are therefore very easy to date.
You also see that both drunks are dressed the same.

I do not know if boxes of other Martin toys were also provided with this sticker, but perhaps one of the readers of this blog has an answer, please let me know.

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