Fernand Martin number 188

In the book: Fernand Martin Toymaker in Paris 1878-1912 this figure is depicted on page 127 with number 188 in two versions called: “Le Charbonnier” and “Le Fort De La Halle”

photo courtesy of Michael Bertoia Auctions

I think that there is originally only 1 version because the figures in the version are exactly the same, only the bag carries them in a different way, that is just bending the arm slightly.
The bag is attached to the carrier by a string that runs through the hand.
There is a hole straight through the hand. (See his left hand on both photos), there is also a hole in his right hand, but there is a cane in it.

photo courtesy of Michael Bertoia Auctions

The names given may have been used in magazines and publications, but on the official box I only know the version with the name “Le Fort De La Halle”.


This name is also used on an original advertising poster from 1902 (on the poster you can see him standing at the bottom right, left of the pianist)

Presumably other names were given in magazines etc. by the writers themselves.

I have another example, this is depicted in the magazine Soleil Du Dimanche 03-12-1905 with yet another name.
This time, in a piece written by Leo Claretie (a good friend of Fernand Martin ) and now called: Le porteur de farine

From the magazine: Soleil Du Dimanche December 03-1905

If someone has a photo or box with a name other than the official name “Le Fort De La Halle”, please send me an email with, if possible, a photo.

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