Discovered an original bill from 1933 by Victor Bonnet.

During his period as the owner of the old Fernand Martin factory, Victor Bonnet brought many beautiful new toys to the market.
The pistols/guns are very noticeable here because they don’t really look like the other toys.
But it was then and is still a hugely popular toy with mainly boys, who as a boy did not in the past, as a soldier, cowboy or police, walked around with toy guns and called “pang-pang”
Till today, 6 different guns are known.
To my surprise, I found an original bill from Victor Bonnet from 1933 with the order of various pistols on it.


This bill is dated June 16, 1933
The address of Victor Bonnet & Cie factory is still the old address where once Fernand Martin produced his great successes at 88 Boulevard de Menilmontant Paris.
The Martin period is closed on the date of the move from the Victor Bonnet factory to another building in 1934.


At the back of this bill the 6 well-known pistols are also shown.
The order included three well-known pistols and two names that we did not know yet.
Of course we recognize the PanPan, the Tape Fort and the Flac on this bill
For me there are two unknown names on this bill, the Costaud and the Epervier.
From one of these unknown pieces I have discovered what it is, this will be discussed extensively in one of my next blogs in the next month.
So we still miss 1 piece, what is it ??? I don’t know yet, but we continue to search.

And do you know what the missing piece is, send me a message and make me happy.

The displayed bill comes from my own collection

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