“Fernand Martin toys” in the Leski Toy Auction on March 22, 2020


This newest catalogue might be a surprise for some of you.
A pleasant one, we hope because although it’s very different from our usual catalogues.
We think you’ll have a lot of fun leafing through the pages of one of the best collections of toys, model trains and other childhood delights ever offered in Australia.

For the complete overview, Auction terms & Info, Shipping & Payment look at this site:

In this Leski auctions there are 4 “Fernand Martin and Fernand Martin related” toys and there are many more other beautiful toys in this auction.

Courtesy Leski Auctions

Auction number 216 -Victor Bonnet -Auto Transport
Auction number 223 -SIJIM -le Joueur D’orgue
Auction number 228 -Fernand Martin -Le Petite Pianiste
Auction number 291 -Victor -Bonnet L’autopatte

After the auction, I will publish the realized prices for these Martins.

Regarding the objects described in this article, I do not make a statement about condition or value.
I advise interested collectors always do to research yourself, to view the object or to contact the seller / auction

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