This month in the Antique Toy World Magazine

An overview of the contents of the new Antique Toy World Magazine February 2020.

Don’t miss the February 2020 issue of Antique Toy World Magazine.

Here’s what’s inside this month:

-In Memory of Frank Mohr
-Table of Contents
-2020 Smoky Mountain Antique Toy & Pedal Car Show
-Nostalgia 1875/1880 Rock & Graner Catalogue Germany By Pasky -Retraction By Steve Butler
-Bertoia Auctions Annual Fall Sale Featuring Sam Downey Collection II Marklin Brand was King at Bertoia’s $2.28M Auction of American and European Toys and Trains Featuring Downey Collection Part II
Fleet of European Boats was Led by Marklin La Plata Battleship Made for Argentine Market, Ex Sam Downey Jr. & Bill Bertoia Collections
-Focal Point Turnpike Service Truck Line Mar 1955 By Steve Butler
-Classified Ads
-Show Calendar

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